ACEllence Research is a market research recruitment specialist.

We recruit people from all around Asia Pacific to take part in incentivise market research activities.

We find respondents that fit client specific criteria to engage in all forms of fieldwork for market research purposes.

Engaging Us…

At ACEllence Research, we work 7 days a week to recruit respondents island-wide to help you in your research project.

We aim to be your one stop shop for all your research needs and will wholly manage all your request.

We have a well connected team of recruiters ready to recruit quality respondents with a sizeable database unique to each specific research project. We also offer purpose built venue rentals with customisable set up to fit all your specific needs

Participating with Us…

Opinions matter! And we mean really matter!

At ACEllence Research we are in the business of listening to what people have to say on anything and everything.

Focus group session, one to one interviews, workshops, digital forum discussions, etc are held at varying times and venues almost weekly.

Each session is a unique experience and as a token of appreciation we give attractive cash incentives to thank you for spending your time to give us your opinions.

If you are interested to give your opinions on a matter or know of someone who is interested to as well, come participate with us and refer a friend too.