Types of research session to participate in:

  • Focus Group
  • In-depth interview
  • Workshop
  • In-Home Visit
  • Shop-along
  • Online Forum 

What is a Focus Group?

A focus group is a research tool that gathers a group of people to participate in a discussion about a product, service, concept, advertisement, idea or packaging.

The main points of interest is to understand people’s perceptions, opinions, beliefs and attitudes towards a given topic.

What is an In-depth Interview?

A In-depth Interview (IDI) is a research tool that involves an detail one to one interview with an individual to explore their perspectives on service, idea or a product solution.

What is a Workshop?

A workshop involves active participation with creative brainstorming and presentations lead by a facilitator.

It is an intensive polling of spontaneous feedback and ideas from participants so as to come up with new concepts or solutions to a given problem.

What is an In-Home Visit?

An in home visit is a research conducted in respondent’s home setting for the objective of understanding how a given product or service fits into the life-style habits of any given home.

It could require hands on testing together with an in depth interview in order to get detailed opinions and reviews of a given topic.

What is a Shop-along?

A shop-along is derived from the systematic study of people and cultures commonly known as an Ethnography.

It can typically be understood as an accompanied shopping trip, where respondents go about their daily routine say for example, grocery shopping or family outings while an observing researcher tags along.

Often times, the researcher does quiet observation with minimal questions. The researcher typically observes a setting from the point of view of the subject of study without influencing any opinions with their presence.

This type of research seeks to allow a researcher to discover which solutions provides the best user experience and which results in poor user experience in order to better a given service or product.

What is an Online forum?

An online forum is a secured digital platform where research objectives are fulfilled by means of chats, topic threads as well as activity task that can be completed via digital devices.

It typically last a set period of time and gathers respondents with specific profiles to participate.

Often times it allows the flexibility of time and can be access anywhere with an internet connection.

With the evolvement of technology and social media, this methodology can sometimes involve taking videos or photos that is self-administered according to task requirements.

A researcher will then analyse responses against their research objectives thereafter.

Why take part?

In today’s fast moving society, to capture the interest of any particular market requires feedback and insights into each consumers unique trends.

By participating in a survey, participants help companies continually come up with good products as well as constantly challenging businesses to improve and upkeep their quality.

The best part of making such a unique effort with your time and energy is that you get paid generous incentives.

How do we incentivise?

Incentives vary base on the type of session as well as how long it usually takes. Generally, all payments will be made at the end of each sessions either in the form of cash or gift vouchers before leaving the venue unless otherwise informed.

Where are the sessions held?

The venue of where the sessions are held varies depending on the set-up requirements for each study. A full address together with contact person details will be provided in order to help you get to the sessions.


All research are conducted with your permission. All private information are kept confidential and private. Only basic details and answers to the screening questions will be given to our clients in order to conduct the research.

For full information on your privacy, please see our Personal Data Protection page.

How do I get selected?

Once registered with us, we will contact you when we find a suitable project where your profile meets the criteria of the research.

We do need to conduct a pre-screening via phone call and to check your availability to participate in our sessions before we can send you a formal invite.

How often?

Each company is different but the general rule is that participants can only participate once in 6 months.

However some studies require that participants not have participated in last 12 months. This often depends on the research criteria that we have to adhere to.