Joanne Lee is the founder and director of ACEllence Research.

Starting with humble beginnings since 1998, She has worked from the ground up taking on the role of door to door interviewers to fieldwork executive. Companies she has worked with includes Research International, Proba, Taylor Nelson Sofres (TNS), Ipsos, ACN, Musescape and many others.

Founding her own boutique agency in 2010, she has since then worked with a lot more clients be it agencies or the marketing team for various end clients.

Following her personal mantra of “all kinds of people make the world” she now leads a team of 3 staff and continually engages any challenging fieldwork with enthusiasm and a trademark big smile.

With first hand understanding of engaging people in market research, she now harnesses a wealth of experience and expertise for the ever changing needs of a wide base of markets in Singapore.

Joanne’s vision for ACEllence Research is to always aim for high quality excellent service with her personal bland of dedication and hard work while striving to be the go to field work partner in Asia Pacific.

Please feel free to contact Joanne Lee @ 9746 1674 or 6694 3143 if you wish to speak to her about your research project. Alternatively, please email her as follows:


The Dynamic ACEllence Team

ACEllence Research is currently made up of a dynamic energetic team consisting of Carelyn Chia, Elena Wong and Patricia Wong.

The team of three has no true designation since they work in a “Vic” formation and all client servicing happens as a team.

To speak to anyone of them, they can be reached at 6694 3433/ 6694 3143

Alternatively, please email them as follows:

Carelyn Chia:

Elena Wong:

Patricia Wong: